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We are glad to announce the news of opened in the beginning of the year sports-shooting complex MEDVED that combines the full range of services for users of any category of civilian weapons from ordinary amateurs of weapons to professional shooters, from citizens wishing to provide their own security, to law enforcement officers structures, from amateur hunters to the professional hunters.

Shooting gallery and shooting range:
- It is a prestigious form of outdoor activities and entertainment - 15 models of firearms and airguns!
- It is a shooting training of all types of hunting and sporting weapons!
- It is the firing of your own weapons - for verification and for training!
- It is a help in the installation and adjustment of optic!
- It is an original way for corporate events!
- It is an opportunity to test and adjust the weapons purchased in one of our or any other gun shops!
Shooting gallery is equipped with:
• 100 meter-long gallery (4 equipped shooting stands (positions), 4 moving targets, a set of lifting units, 3 x 50 m and 1 x 100 m;
• a repair shop for repairing of weapons;
• training services, instruction;
• courses on learning of weapons mechanism.

The complex is situated in an environmentally attractive area, where the whole year you have the opportunity to test your accuracy in the firing of the real gun.
The complex has a platform for the Olympic competition: 1 skit range, as well as a platform for compact sporting. You can use 10 machines and electronic equipment allowing to make the launch of moving targets in automatic mode.
Employees instruct you in practice and theory of sporting and air shooting; they teach individually and in groups, make training in sporting pistols, sporting and hunting rifles, unassisted practical training is possible too. You can use your own weapons and weapons from the extensive arsenal of shooting.

Welcome to such services like throwing of knives, archery and crossbow.
If you like to shoot with your own weapon you will pay the cost of targets and ammunitions and rental time of shooting stand. The cost of ammunitions for firing in the shooting gallery is the same as the retail prices in our shops. The difference in cost of rental services of the shooting gallery depends on visiting time of the shooting gallery: in the morning the cost is lower than in the evening or on weekends.

The comfortable cafe with a veranda, which is located within the Complex, welcomes you to relax after outdoor activities in the open air and watch  competitions and games within the familys circle or with friends (we have a childrens playground).
We offer you the current price-list for services.
We opened the Russian baths and plan to organize ground for Paintball games as well as a lot of interesting things.
Looking forward to see you at the SSC MEDVED to the address: Krivoy Rog region, p.Volnoye, Kirovogradskoe shosse, 7

We are open daily from 9.00  to 20.00, without days off and holidays

The cafe is open daily from 12.00 to 22.00

+38 (056) 409 71 22

Ordzhonikidze , 41, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

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